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Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Unfinished. 意犹未尽

Check out my previous blog post, this is part two...

CS3216 is not over for me. It will extend even after my exams, so there is be a possibility that I might visit this blog again and post sth here :)

Things I didn't learn from CS3216:
(read btn the lines... =P)

Ideas are cheap, Execution matters

Actually i know learnt this quite some time ago, esp the "Execution matters". The "Ideas are cheap" sort of reinforce it. I usually prefer just do it, then to think until very far (for example: add in a lot of features to an app) and say all these can be done, then start only at the very last min.

Dunno who was the one who said this in the peer appraisal: "A more realistic person. Good and bad I suppose. On the good side, we set realistic targets that are actually able to be met without too much pain. On the bad side, it sort of made her unable to dream big." Who was the one ah? Admit it? :)

It is actually quite true of me. I think I sort of became too practical that I sort of ruled out that big dreams are possible. It is really good and bad. Will try context switch btn being practical and dreaming big.

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish

I am a curious person. I love learning and I have many interests. Hope that all these dots will somehow be connected in the future/now.


I don't really outsource to friends, cos I was not very good at friendships in the past. Will try more often that in the future, haha. I usually outsource to my parents. Like helping me to buy things, check how to get to a location, be my alarm clock etc. I realise sometimes things are done better if u do it urself or maybe not if it requires professional knowledge n u don't hv. Sometimes it really can't be helped, tt u need someone to take over it. It would be important that the person can be trusted. A balance need to be strike btn the two.

I strongly recommend this, it sums up the last lecture quite well. The fact that the video Orry took is no longer distributable, we only have this, the slides and the photos in the Facebook to reminisce how interesting the last lecture have been.

A lot of knowledge/memories CS3216 has brought to me have been somehow translated to something subconscious, quite difficult for me to regurgitate them again. But I believe I am now a stronger person.


  1. what happened to Orry's video?

  2. Xialin says Prof don't allow him to distribute the video cos it contains sensitive issues.